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Power & Control

Mediation is an effective form of dispute resolution that involves balancing the power and control of the parties involved. The loudest voice in the room isn't always the person in control; it can be the person who is shut down and withdrawn. 

At LLO, we use transformative mediation which is a technique that focuses on getting to the underlying issues of the disagreement, getting the elephant out of the room, essentially.  Because all too often, the topic of the argument isn't what the the argument is actually about.  It could be something from the past such as a loss of trust, respect, or an incident entirely different and unrelated to the current issue.

Mediation can be used in all areas of life including:

  • HR Mediation

  • Parent-teen disputes

  • Estate distribution

  • Divorce - Property and debt

  • Custody

  • Employment Law

  • HOA disputes

The opportunities are endless! 

Contact us to find out more and to schedule a free consultation!


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