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The Value of Mediation in Your Business

In the business world, the employee is one "asset" you don't want to lose and can't afford to lose. If the business loses an employee due to conflict within from misunderstandings, personality conflicts, hurt feelings or any dispute of any kind between management and the employee or another employee, it can be devastating. Deanna works with businesses, along with the owners, managers and HR managers to resolve workplace issues through mediation.

As seen in November 2022 edition of So Scottsdale

What services do you specialize in? 

I specialize in services that help people who are in conflict and their priority is a continuing relationship. I am trained in transformative mediation which is designed to balance the power and control of any conflict. My services are especially helpful in businesses where there is conflict with management v. employee(s) or employee v. employee situations. These services are just as useful for a two-person conflict as they are for a group of thirty people to help raise morale and improve the workplace environment.


Who would benefit from your HR services?

Transformative mediation is an excellent service for businesses of any size whose goal is to retain staff and to build and maintain a positive, continuing relationship between team members. The service I provide is a perfect fit for resolving HR disputes, as it is useful for resolving personality conflicts, situations based on hurt feelings, or just a general inability to get along. Transformative mediation is also great for custody disputes, family/estate disputes, and even parent-teen disputes.


What are the benefits from your services?

My services offer opportunity for management and staff to come together in a voluntary and confidential manner, to work with a neutral party, for a resolution which benefits all parties. The results can prevent the loss of valuable employees which in turn prevents those employees from losing a job they may still want, prevents the business from suffering financial losses in ongoing recruiting, time and energy, and lost productivity, and mitigates the lingering stress in the workplace environment.


How do your services handle conflicts?

I balance the power and control between the parties. Disagreements are often created because of our inability to express our emotions which are based on our needs and desires. I help people find their voice, to set reasonable boundaries if needed, and to give them a space where they feel like they can speak and will be heard. Once the real issues are discovered, I help the parties brainstorm and develop a plan to move forward that works for everyone.


What does the process of working with you look like?

Easy and simple. I am more than happy to come to your location to save downtime and costs to your business. I bring the third-party neutrality needed to get the process going. We discuss the background, current situation, and the parties' goals and objectives, No matter where we meet, early intervention is key for resolving workplace issues before they get out of hand.


What sets you apart from others offering HR dispute resolution?

Business experience. I have extensive experience in the business world, so I understand the challenges of running a business, balancing costs and staff retention, and maintaining staff morale. I ran a business where I had 30 employees (29 women and 1 man) which was a significant challenge as staff worked closely together, and I assisted my mother who owned and operated a grocery store which had anywhere from 20 to 30 employees, plus a couple years teaching in the public school system. I have an understanding of human nature and truly love helping people resolve their differences.

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